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Time Team: An Educational resource for students, teachers and parents visiting the United Kingdom

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Are you planning to travel to the United Kingdom and visit some historical sites? Are you looking for an engaging and fun way to introduce your students to British and European history? I suggest you check out Time Team, a British television program currently streaming on YouTube, that takes you along for a three day archeological dig at some spectacular historical sites.

With 20 seasons and additional specials, there is undoubtably an episode for your topic or interest. Each episode features world class historical experts, and professional archeologists. The episodes, which run around 45 minutes, are structured to educate and entertain. After watching a few episodes, I wanted to run out and dig up my backyard. They are even going to making new episodes, as a group has crowd funded new digs this summer! Check out the official Time Team website to learn more.

Here is a great introductory video to familiarize you with the program.

Prepare for your trip:

Here is a web site that has a map of the Time Team digs and the episode number for your reference. Many episodes are available from the Time Team Classics YouTube channel, however some additional ones are also available on IMBd. If you are traveling to the United Kingdom you are sure to find a filming location close to your vacation destination.

Pre Trip Resources for students and travelers

Here are a few episodes that will provide travelers with unique historical background information about some popular tourist locations throughout the United Kingdom. These episodes not only follow the three day archeological dig, but also include individuals doing background historical research, landscape archeology, the science of geophysical data, and even some experimental archeology recreations and reenactments. These videos are great at simplifying the complex process, and technology involved in the dig itself and providing viewers with a peak into how historians collect records to assist in putting the archeological finds into a historical context. Overall a fun additional resource to prepare for your Edventure.

The Royal Crescent in Bath

Kew Palace:

Westminster Abby:

Discovery of a Roman Villa in Turkdean, Gloucestershire.

There is also a special live Time Team episode, The Royal Dig, that investigated Windsor Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse and Buckingham Palace to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 80th birthday. This episode can be found here on IMDb steaming.

This television show inspired a love of archeology in the United Kingdom over its original twenty year run on Channel 4. Let it help inspire your students!

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