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Celebrate Earth Day with a Student Viewing Worksheet for Netflix's "Our Great National Parks" Series

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Explore unique ecosystems and the important role parks play in conservation.

Free student graphic organizer worksheet with teacher answer guide!

Celebrate Earth Day with students by viewing an episode of Netflix's new series “Our Great National Parks”. In this five part documentary that explores some of the world's protected wilderness areas, the importance of preserving natural environments in national parks is emphasized, as well as the opportunity for scientific research that these untouched landscapes can provide. The first episode, A World of Wonder", serves as an overview, with subsequent episodes focusing on an individual location. All episodes include spectacular scenery, unique animals and locations that will spark children's curiosity. The importance of conserving a diversity of wild ecosystems and the benefits to humanity are a great message to share with your students on Earth Day! We have created a teacher friendly, student activity viewing guide for the first episode. See below for free student graphic organizer and teacher answer key.

Currently has made available a student graphic organizer and teacher answer guide for the first episode. This would be suitable for advanced late elementary, middle school and high school students. Focus in on how protected natural spaces provide places for future generations to explore and make scientific discoveries. Topic covered include unique ecosystems, symbiotic relationships, and how the importance of wilderness help creates a passion for the natural world . Humanities role in preserving these natural spaces is also highlighted.

Our National Parks Video Student and Teacher worksheets

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