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Walt Disney World EDventures

This Edventure will take you to three of Walt Disney World Resort's theme parks. Any combination of Disney's Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot theme parks can be visited with this printable worksheet Bingo card to search for examples of keystone species.


This activity gives children the opportunity to conduct authentic scientific observation, collect data and then analyze the group data. Students can then learn how this data is used by scientists in ethology, the study of animal behavior.

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This tour is the perfect educational Edventure for you to take after studying keystones species, and ecosystems.The Caring for Giants Elephants Tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park is a 60-minute experience where you are given the opportunity to go backstage, and meet some of the keepers who look after the elephant herd that roams the Kilimanjaro Savannah.


An ELA Edventure focusing on the story element, setting for elementary aged students. Many of the activities are for rides that have lower wait times. Free printable worksheet.

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Animal Kingdom Lodge has the largest collection of African art outside of the continent of Africa on display and cast members who are cultural representatives from 14 different countries in Africa who share their traditions and knowledge with guests.

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Here is a fun, and informative science experiment that can illustrate to children what happens when they wash their hands with soap and water. It is a fantastic way to have children visually see how soap can keep them healthy.

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