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Look what I Found on Disney+: "In Beaver Valley"!!!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

In my search for teaching resources on beavers I looked for the 1950's Walt Disney's True-Life Adventure In Beaver Valley on Disney+ to no avail. Well this week through the mysteries of the "Recommended for You" algorithms this gem arrived on my Disney+ home screen.

This documentary won the Academy Award in 1951 for Best Short Subject, Two Reel and the 1952 BAFTA for Best Documentary. It is a fun 32 minute look at a life in Beaver Valley. The footage of beavers is incredible and their role as water conservation engineers is highlighted. It is really worth the time to share with students and great nostalgia viewing for us. It brought me back to my elementary school days, watching the science documentaries on the film projector. Overall this is a fun film who's content is still relevant today!

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