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Flamingo Resources

Updated: Mar 9, 2022



Author: Quinn Arnold

Level: Beginning Reader

Summary: "A Kindergarten-level introduction to Flamingos, covering their growth processes, behaviors, the lakes they call home, and such defining features as their long legs." This books has beautiful photos and one sentence per page. Key words are introduced in color with a glossary in the back for a full definition. ISBN: 978-1628324822 - Soft cover

Publisher: Creative Education2018

Flamingo Sunset

Author: Johathan London Illustrator: Kristina Rodanas

Level: Early Elementary

Summary: This is an early picture book that follows the story of a flamingo family having a baby and describes how they care for their young. There is an author's note in the back that provides more facts to supplement the story.

ISBN: 978-1477816745

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children 2008


Author: Melissa Gish

Level: Late Elementary, 8-12 years

Summary: " A scientific look at flamingos, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their coloration, behaviors, relationships with humans, and numbers of the tropical birds in the world today." An excellent resource for students not intimidated by the more text based format. The inclusion of mythology and cultural reference to Flamingos sets this book apart.

ISBN: 978-1-60818-416-3 Hard Cover 9781628320022 - Soft Cover

Publisher: Creative Education 2015


A great elementary resource.

Author: Jodie Shepherd

Level: Elementary, 8-12 years

Summary: This is a fantastic reference book for elementary aged children. Included is a handy "Fact File" providing an easy location to find basic data. Additional "Fast Facts" are interspersed through out. The photos are beautiful and add to the information being presented in the chapters. The chapter on the impact of humans on flamingos and their environment is an important inclusion. The appealing format of this book will engage elementary students, and the added glossary make it accessible to all. A great resource.

ISBN: 978-0531128992 - Soft Cover

Publisher: Scholastic 2019

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