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Where to Find Gluten-Free Celiac (Coeliac) McDonald's Options in the Netherlands

Poster showing pictures of  gluten Free cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder and hamburger

The excitement of having a gluten free McDonald's cheeseburger had us making a detour into the Netherlands twice during our recent trip to Belgium. We are three celiacs (or coeliacs) with one also having type 1 diabetes, and one gluten eating husband. Our first McDonald's was in the city center of Maastricht. There were large posters inside the restaurant advertising the gluten free options. The fries and frites sauce were gluten free as well. The young man taking our order was very patient as I checked that indeed everything was gluten free and he took special care to remind the workers that this was an allergy order.

gluten free cheeseburger from McDonald's

While not as pretty as the poster, the cheeseburger did not disappoint. The bun held together and tasted very much like a cheeseburger from Canada or US McDonald's. They do indicate on their website that not all locations offer gluten free options but you can search on their website for locations with gluten free options.

Here is the link for the Gluten Free offerings from McDonald's in the Netherlands. MENU

Our second Netherland's McDonald's was in Terneuzen. This location was along a motorway.

car in a parking lot outside of a McDonald's restaurant

At this location we ordered from a screen and had to choose the gluten free options. It was more difficult to order, as although the screen did have an english language option, you had to keep updating it when you added a new item. I would suggest ordering from the counter if at all possible as one of our items arrived not on a gluten free bun. The staff took the gluten free requests seriously and I am happy to report that we did not have any signs of cross contamination.

This meal was the most expensive McDonald's meal I have ever had. The bill for 4 people was over €50 for everyone to have a drink, fries and a burger. It was a tasty treat after years of not being able to have McDonald's.

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