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Welcome to WDW Edventures

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Welcome to this new blog dedicated to all the amazing educational adventures, or as I say Edventures, you can have at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I have been visiting Walt Disney World (WDW) for over twenty years. On my first trip in 1995 I was a beginning teacher and had the chance to visit the Teacher Resource center that was located in Epcot on the second floor of the camera store. Although this has since closed, Disney still provides so many resources and educational opportunities. Returning over the years for family trips I have gotten to experience formal Y.E.S programs, guest specialty tours, and so many educational experiences offered throughout the resort. I know what an educational experience a visit can be and have had the opportunity to write a few “Request for Excused Educational Absence” forms for my children’s schools telling them this. It is my hope in this blog to share some of the Edventures you can have with your family and be another resource you can use to plan your WDW Edventure.

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