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How Beavers could offer solutions to climate change.

A keystone species lesson using a primary source with free printable PDF data collection worksheet for middle and high school students.

keystone species beaver lesson plan worksheet middle high school

The CBC radio show The Current had an interview with Dr. Emily Fairfax on a recent show. This interview provides an excellent opportunity for students to use a primary source to collect information. This interview highlights Dr. Fairfax's research on the use of beavers to combat drought and wild fires. Beavers' unique ability to be climate engineers and potential they have to help combat climate change is covered in this interview.

Here is a link to the secondary source article with audio file imbedded within. The direct link to the radio interview is below. The worksheet is for the first 11 minutes only.

Primary source interview keystone species beavers role in drought and fire

Here is a printable PDF worksheet for students to use to collect data.

How Beavers could offer solutions to climate change - The Current
Download PDF • 55KB

Also provided is a teacher answer guide for the worksheet.

Teacher answer Guide_ How Beavers could offer solutions to climate change
Download PDF • 46KB

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